New Ventures Society


The cures for the 5 issues on the jobs problems can be boiled down to : none, politics, politics, politics, social change. Not a very exciting prospect.

For innovation there is no stopping the inventive soul. The only way to stifle new ideas would be to install an absolute totalitarian regime that guarantees employment in specific occupations, and prohibits all research and development. This would be similar to the late Roman Empire where sons had to assume the occupation of their father and
eventually evolved into the serf system. Needless to say this could only be installed in an government that controlled the whole Earth. One free nation could out innovate this
static monster and then liberate the slaves.

Outsourcing is a political problem. The only solution would be to lure businesses and factories back to our shores. One drastic method would be to break all our trade treaties
and install a sales tax system with a 100% tax on any product that contains a single component made outside the US. This would be very unpopular in the rest of the world and
in much of the US population. The transition period until US jobs were restored would be severe and would require massive subsidies to handle the higher costs and unemployment
which would suddenly appear. The American public would not have the will to go to this extreme solution even being rewarded with a negative income tax.

Tax evasion is a political problem that at least is doable, at least by a government that does not receive political bribes from banks and corporations. Just extend the concept that an individual is taxed on foreign corporation income to corporations taxed on foreign income. With the threat of massive (200%)) penalties if the existing funds are not brought back immediately the companies would be quick to return the funds and pay the taxes. (or else move abroad and be a foreign company) Getting the companies to actually invest to create American jobs is another problem. There is a tendency today for American banks and corporation to gamble with their money with financial schemes rather than creating jobs.

The immigration problem would require the willingness to displease the Liberals who want free and open immigration for everyone and no selectivity to exclude criminals. Not likely with our current political system. It is doable if a strong no nonsense administration came to office that treats the problem as an invasion and calls out the Army to enforce the anti sabotage actions like we did in WW2. Definitely would get a reaction if the Army held drumhead trials and hung foreigners who were sabotaging the US economy by identity theft, rape, murder, robbery, and by taking jobs from Americans.

The lack of entrepreneurship is a perplexing problem. How do you change the nature of society. We may not be able to bring back the small businessman but at least the efforts
to create jobs that the Society is attempting can provide the replacements for those lost by lack of will on the part of the newer generations. This would end up with a much
larger fraction employed by big public companies but at least they would be employed.