New Ventures Society

  An Honest Casino

Members  1,000,000
Initial    $1,000 million
expansion  $2,000,000 million
upgrade   $6,000,000 million

A mathematician defines an "honest game" as one in which each party has an equal probability of winning, hence our title.

Under the Las Vegas business model a company will entice the player with low cost rooms, and inexpensive food and drinks, then skin him alive at the tables.

We intend to create the reverse. Fully priced rooms, regular pricing for food, and merely provide a place where players can engage in "honest gambling". Our primary goal would be to provide a place where individuals can relax outside the country in an atmosphere devoted to nature.

The Flower Gardens National Marine Sanctuary is a government entity much like a National Park consisting of two coral reefs 10 miles apart located 100 miles off the Texas coast that is the northernmost coral reef in North America.  Located on two salt domes that rise to within 50 feet of the surface, they attract a large crowd of SCUBA divers, especially for the annual shark rendezvous, when thousands of hammerhead sharks show up to cruise the reefs. The surrounding waters run about 400 feet deep thus exhibiting the temperature gradient found throughout the world. The water at depths greater than 300 feet does not mix with the surface, so the deep waters of the ocean consist of ice cold waters that come from the polar regions.

What we would like to do is build a hotel complex based on a ship that can sail to the location, ballast down and settle on the bottom of the sea thus being totally immune to sea movements like waves or even hurricanes. This complex would have a large area (1000 feet on a side) and rise up to 20 stories in the above sea level portion. Below the surface there would be floodable tanks that anchor us to the bottom wile allowing us to refloat periodically, "to even out the coffee grounds". One of the interesting features for those used to the Texas sun would be that the air conditioning (one of the major expenses) would be provided by the cold water from the depths while the surface is running at a comfortable 80 F. The possibility of creating an fossil fuel free site is interesting, an Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) plant is possible for our operations.

Servicing the complex would be a fast hydrofoil ferry that can sail at 100 knots, thus making it a 1 hour journey, a vast improvement to the small dive boats that travel at 8 knots and which can take up to 24 hours in bad weather.

In addition to the entertainment on the ship we would have what amounts to underwater viewing ships over each reef so that non divers can look out on the reef and its sea life. Not everyone wants to enter the food chain.
We would expect to have some advantage, being located at a "National Park" and being the only hotel within 100 miles.