New Ventures Society


It is intuitively obvious that it is impossible to get 10 million people to just invest $1000 in a startup to build a space ship. So we have to find a way to get them to flock to our projects in small steps.

Our initial goal is to recruit 10,000 members from among the dedicated space enthusiasts or just those folks who want to become rich (the prospects of $240 million is attractive) who will take a chance and spend $100 a year to be members of the Society. When that goal is reached we have to get them to fund our first SEC registered project for $1000.

With success (or at least the anticipation of success) we could expect the membership to grow by leaps and bounds, providing the membership needed to fund successively larger projects aimed at generating jobs for American citizens and profits for the membership.

Along about year 5 we start to have projects that will impact the space program, energy and habitation. These projects are big and solve some of the many problems that lie ahead.

Finally in year 7 we get to a root problem, transportation. We need a inexpensive rocket ship to get off Earth. And rocket ships are notorious for high cost and no deposit no return. A solution is available, we just have to work out the bugs. Much like the story for the age of aviation. And no, the Wright Brothers were not the first to fly or first with powered aircraft. They were the first with CONTROLLED flight which is what their patent was all about.

So by going step by step we get the increased interest that eventually gives us the numbers to make our space ship possible, and the rest will be history.