New Ventures Society

  Royal Buffet

Members  10,000
Initial    $10 million
expansion  $20,000 million
upgrade   $600,000 million

Every venture should start small and prove itself and we are no exception.

We will start with 10,000 members providing $10 million capital. Our objective would be to create a restaurant chain with 1,000+ locations across the country but we start out with one.

We would open a restaurant specializing in the open buffet all you can eat menus. Our pricing would be above the discount low quality food companies but we would make up for customer resistance by providing massive quantities of food for take home that lowers the effective price to a point that the strapped workers can afford it. Restaurants are currently meeting resistance because they have been cheapening the food to the point that it is tasteless cardboard, while their customers are working longer hours for less money. We intend to provide top quality basic food at a reasonable price, nothing elaborate and overpriced. By pushing the take home aspects of extra food we will position ourselves midway in the expense for dining facility verse home cooked food.

Once we have a successful track record we would expand locally and then to other markets. Expansion rate would depend on how rapidly our shareholders exercise their options. The first year price at the $10 book value will draw some interest but we expect the next wave to occur around the 10 year point when hopefully the book value has risen to $20 and the market to $40. At around the 20 year point the book value would approximate $40 and the market around $80.

The extreme amount of options present with the Founders Upgrade will present us with far more capital than the simple 1000 fold increase in our model requires. Thus we will need to find uses for the money in excess of what a simple expansion would dictate. It is anticipated that grocery chains and other consumers oriented businesses will provide a reasonable prospect. What we will not do is go on a Mergers and Acquisition binge, paying premium prices for existing companies. Our whole model depends on the idea of investing at book value and growing the value rather than buying businesses. Other possibilities include temporary loans to other projects in the series.