New Ventures Society


One of our goals is to recreate the world image of America being the bright City on the Hill that caused the world of the late 18th and early 19th centuries to want to copy. A land of opportunity with equal access to law and no special privileges to anyone. Today with 4.4 million millionaires and most of the wealth in the hands of around 30,000
individuals we are run by an Oligopoly where wealth buys privileges and special laws and the will of the majority is ignored especially with regards to dispensing bailouts and
awarding money from the public purse.

It is hoped that the appearance of 10 million more millionaires each willing to repeat the pledge of our forefathers in 1776; "And for the support of this Declaration, with a
firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor" we will be able to restore the America
that once was. With a net worth of over a million dollars they will no longer live paycheck to paycheck and can afford to devote some time to the running of our country.

Each company we create will have a block of shares sold to the Society that consists of Class B shares with a voting power of 1000 times that of a Class A share but equal book value. This will allow the Society to have absolute control over each company until about 1% of the options are exercised. At that point ,though substantial and very influential it is not an overriding control. The purpose is to prevent Wall Street from taking over the company and twisting it from our goals.

The project will depend on one member introducing his friends and family to the project including a calculation to show just what is possible to achieve. The risk levels are low and the potential rewards are out of sight. Of course that out of sight return would be the biggest block to signing up members.  People do not trust returns too good to be true. All we can hope for is that the friend shows them the actual math and reasoning and convince them that it is worth a risk of the $100 a year dues and a possible investment of $1000 for 100 shares in a clean startup, with the potential to reap $1 million from the options.

Note that our real competition for the small investor is the state lottery . Texans spend about $600 a year on lottery tickets with an average return of $300. A guaranteed loss of 50% is hardly smart. Poor Blacks and other minorities spend over $1000 a year in a futile hope of escaping poverty. White college graduates spend about $200 on lottery tickets just like the several thousand they spend on trips to Las Vegas, just part of the entertainment budget. What an individual has to do is make a cold hearted analysis, which is more likely to get him out of poverty; a lottery ticket or membership in the Society and investing in one of the projects.

As much as we may wish, this project will not stop the job loss problem. Only a social revolution into a society that realizes that each cheap foreign import means that someone in America is not going to be employed. Are we going to be a society like later day Rome, with bread and circuses (food stamps and football / baseball games), a military that consumes the taxes and engages in wars of conquest, and a massive bureaucracy that rules each little detail of our lives  or are we going to return to an isolationist employed America of the 19th and early 20th centuries. Free trade means nothing but burger flipping and civil service jobs as Wall Street and Big Business battle to replace the American worker with robots or foreign workers.

Note that importing foreign products is not bad in and of itself. If most Americans actually worked then the ideas of economists like Ricardo and Smith would be applicable. Let each country produce what it does best, but until then Protectionism should rule.

So you are an inspired member who has just spent the last 2 weeks telling 20 of your friends about this opportunity; what is the net gain.
First off 10 individuals will never visit the site, their time is too important.
Five will visit but refuse to join. They KNOW something is not right, they just can not see the flaw.
Three will join but are afraid to tell anyone lest they be embarrassed by a failure.
Two join and begin the cycle again. Net result a multiplication factor of 2.0

A comparison:
A nuclear reactor has a multiplication factor of 1.0
An atom bomb has a multiplication factor of about 1.6
Ebola has a multiplication factor of 2.0
Measles has a multiplication factor of 26.

The difference in a biological response on the order of several weeks per generation and an atom bomb with 10 nanoseconds per generation is just time. Both get very big very fast.